Parking Map & FAQ’s

While the King’s Head Pub doesn’t have parking directly associated with the pub, there are plenty of options nearby. Parking in the exchange isn’t as hard as it may seem. With multiple options including street, surface and parkade options available.

Parking recommendations:

  • Maws Garage, covered parking, (Impark operated). Located right beside the pub (neighbor to the south)

  • Bedford Lot, parkade parking, (Impark operated). Located 1 block to the south of the pub, above Bronuts/ King & Bannatyne

  • Street parking right on King Street in front of the pub. (City of Winnipeg operated). **Please be aware of parking restrictions**

  • 126 King Street lot, surface parking (City of Winnipeg operated), located right beside the pub (neighbor to the north)

Tips & Tricks

2 helpful parking applications for your smartphone. These apps will help you find parking & pay/extend parking.

  • Pay by Phone (City of Winnipeg Parking)

  • Hang Tag (Impark Parking)

**These are only parking suggestions. Please be aware of changing parking restrictions including but not limited to snow routes, private lots, time restrictions and overnight restrictions**